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4-Shelf Corrugated Promotional Display

At Chicago Display Marketing Corporation, we combine our advanced machining and graphic printing services to construct innovative product displays that meet our client's practical needs while ensuring that their merchandise will truly stand out even in the busiest retail setting. Used within a variety of grocery, convenient, and drug store chains, our custom-built, four-shelf corrugated displays serve as a great example of how functionality meets design. Using our advanced rotary die cutting technology and inline gluing operations, we construct each temporary promotional display to measure up to twenty four inches wide, fifteen inches deep, and fifty inches tall. And, our high-quality corrugated displays are designed with plastic clips that make each unit easy to assemble.

Possessing advanced flexographic and direct printing capabilities, we also produce top-quality header graphic labels that are applied to each display, ensuring our units are perfectly suited for most retail applications. And, with our superior printing technology, we render graphics that provide ultimate promotional impact.

Weight tested durable, our high-quality corrugated displays possess a 4-6 week life-span, ship flat, and are easy to assemble. And, we can even provide our client's with a prototype of their custom-built display, ensuring that our products meet absolute customer satisfaction before full-scale production has begun. With the ability to manufacture both small and large quantity volumes within short lead times, Chicago Display is a leading supplier of Corrugated Promotional Displays.

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Nature's Pride Corrugated Promotional Display
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Wonder Bread Corrugated Promotional Display
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Drake's Corrugated Promotional Display
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Hostess Snack Zone Corrugated Promotional Display

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Capabilities Applied Processes
Die Cut Corrugate
Direct Print Graphic
Flexo Printing
Rotary Die Cut
Applied Label
Material Type
Direct Print Ink
Plastic Assembly Clips
Product Length 24" Wide
Product Width 15" Deep
Product Height 50" Tall
Cutting Methods Rotary Die Cut
Plastic Clips
Header Graphic
Easy Assembly
Ships Flat
Flood Coated Ink
Direct Flexo Printing
Applied Label Decal
Adhesive Type Inline Gluing Operations
Resistances Temporary 4-6 weeks
Packaging Packed Multiple per Carton
Industry for Use
Convenient Store
Drug Store
Mass Merchandiser
Volume Small and Large Quantity Orders
Delivery Time Short Prototyping and Lead Times
Delivery Location Warehousing and Direct Delivery Options
Standards Met High Graphic Impact, Weight Tested Durable
Product Name 4-Shelf Corrugate
Design Work Graphic Renderings, Sizes

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